1. Why is this service free?
      Alchemy aims to stimulate growth and increase the competitiveness of the Northern Ireland economy by making local economic development support accessible, individual, meaningful and flexible for all local businesses. This in turn will benefit the local business, the economy and everyone will benefit in the long term.
  2. Will the mentor be with me all the time during the support?
      This will depend on the need of the business but generally no. Each mentor will meet the business client and work on the specific support requested which could be one to one mentoring, research, specification documents, financial analysis or other support requested.
  3. Can I have more than one mentor?
      Yes, but a maximum of 40 hours will be allocated to each business in total.
  4. Does the programme apply to national companies?
      Yes, provided they are a small to medium business with less than 150 employees in the local Coleraine Council Area and the local branch has autonomy to make decisions locally.
  5. When is the closing date to apply?
      The programme will run to June 2015 but the last client will be taken in March 2015 to allow support to have a measurable impact on the business.
  6. Why do I need to give financial information of my business?
      Alchemy’s success will be measured on the impact it has had on the business and an important factor is the financial development after the support has ended and therefore where the business is now financially and where it is at the end of the programme is important.