Economic Profile

The current population of the Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council area is 59,093. 36,023 (61%) of which are of working age. Of the working age population, 24,446 (68%) are employed. Coleraine’s sectoral employment is characterised by its amenities – housing both a hospital and a university, it follows that the area has high levels of employment in both the education and health sectors (see figure 2.7). Moreover, it’s desirable sea-side location, which pulls tourists and day visitors, gives rise to a high level of employment in the retail sector and a relatively high level of employment in the accommodation and food sector. Coleraine is under-represented in professional and financial services, furthermore there is room for growth in the information and communications sector given that the area plays host to project Kelvin.

Coleraine has a much higher concentration of businesses in the retail and accommodation & food sectors than Northern Ireland and is under-represented in the construction and professional services sectors. Other than these exceptions the business structure of the Coleraine economy follows a similar pattern to that of the region as a whole.

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